Sennheiser RS 160

When you value their sound quality, and you want to get the best from their ‘ear’ experience, you can always buy yourselves Sennheiser RS 160 Digital Wireless Headphones with Dynamic Surround Sound that will deliver good performance and sound quality. Sennheiser has been one of the reliable and safe names in the audio manufacturers that always come up with useful products and items.

The company is known for their excellent sound system and technologies that will provide very sophisticated and very satisfying sound quality for the ears. This particular product from Sennheiser won’t be too much different from the other products, regarding quality and great products. If you want to take your sound satisfaction to the next level, then you should consider having this Sennheiser headset.

Sennheiser RS 160 review

This particular surround sound headset is packed with the good the sound system as well as flexibility in operation, so users will certainly experience good times. The whole operation is relatively easy – although some things may need adjustment – and the Sennheiser RS 160 is convenient to use.

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  • Closed circumaural digital wireless headphones
  • Compact portable transmitter with multi-receiver capability
  • The device is wireless so that users won’t fumble with cables
  • The sound quality is excellent, and users will be provided with a booming bass audio system that will deliver deeper and richer sound quality.
  • The device is adjustable and ergonomic so that it will fit any kinds of head shapes and sizes.
  • The Sennheiser also has digital volume control technology, along with mute function
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Sennheiser RS 160 Review

This particular product of Sennheiser RS 160 headset gets lots of good ratings and reviews. It’s not surprising, actually, because the name and the product have been predicted to come in high quality as well as well built design. The headset is nice and comfortable on the head. Thanks to the adjustable headband, users can always adjust and fit the headset anyhow you like it, without causing any discomfort for their head, neck, and back side.

When you want to use this Sennheiser headset either for playing games or simply to listen to their favourite music or tunes, you can be sure that their satisfaction and enjoyment won’t be compromised at all.

However, there’re several flaws exist. First of all, the ear pads don’t come with ventilation, so it causes sweat around the ear area when it’s used for quite a long time and in a high-temperature environment. Second, they’re about three buttons under the ear pad for turning on and off and also controlling volume.

Users have to adjust youselves to get used to the buttons since you can’t see which button you press. Maybe it’s supposed to make this device feel sophisticated, but it needs time to adjust. Click here If you are looking for more reviews to helps you decide.

Aside from those issues – which aren’t a big problem, anyway – the device is handy and well built. If you really want to have a good headset that delivers crisp and low sound quality, you should pick this Sennheiser RS 160 Digital Wireless Headphones with Dynamic Surround Sound.