Plantronics Discovery 975 is reliable, comfortable and modern practices to improve the small number of buttons, but the Plantronics Discovery 925 is not the easiest.

– Call quality
– Battery Great (5 hours talk time)
– If additional charge is 10 hours talk time
– Sounds good to cancel
– Voice calls
– Solid build quality
– Many Size
– Look for rent & more protection from the end of the ear
– If the battery level indicator

– Press the button hard work
– A small one-button volume
– It has wires USB
– Premium price

People, I use a Bluetooth headset for years with his latest favourite Plantronics Discovery 925, 975, which is successful. The Discovery 975 is much better than some problems remain.

Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset Review

Match my BlackBerry Curve to 975 are most easily. After charging I turn the phone to find and set up equipment.’ve Discovered that when I write code and a match.

Just one of the most important features of the ear for me. I try very hard to include them on the morbidity or will continue. Repeated suggestions that the 975 ear gel sizes 3 I entered. in my ear, such as how comfortable but not too tight to use what they call supply stability “.” I said that was not so comfortable headset I can leave for the day. A few hours of continuous use. Might limit me. 975 Weight only 8 grams, which is the same with 925.

925 and 975 have very similar size and scale. Differ significantly in both style will change from triangular microphone boom boom mic in some one. I want people to modify the design is straightforward and understated.’ll Attract. Less interested than 925 designs by I do not think anyone will walk around town with headphones because the ear is not used in a straightforward summary of douchebaggery. I stole the word directly from the article calls Brad Pitt covered. Price includes. : “He will not draw near to him and not him.” This is not jewellery people. The 975 is now a leading plastic imitation leather not only. I found many other parts of the site of Plantronics, which I believe they have the money version of the headset is provided with a graphite version. I have included some pictures. Sections 925 and 975 for comparison.

Call quality is fantastic in both. 975 anti-noise dual-mic AudioIQ2 technology to create clear and beautiful voice against. I can not say that people differ in call quality between 925 and 975, but then I usually open. My radio out the window and folding when I make or receive calls. Audio performance can add in noisy environments. Voice prompt feature welcome. Rather than trying to decipher set will show voice mute beeps on/off low battery/charger. And lose concentration.

Both 925 and 975 points 5 hours talk time and standby approximately weekly. Let us know if you open a multipoint mode; you lose three days in Stanley. It’s strange, only 975 charges in 90 minutes while the 925 has. Full 3 hours using the adapter AC. 925 comes with a USB charging cable AC charging each other, but Plantronics has ignored much welcome support from the 975 I love to charge a headset from your computer at work.

925 when the battery charge nickel metal hydride-which has always bugged me.Plantronics have read my mind because of the 975 and charging the battery case, now two Lithium-ion. The other changes include fees for an LCD and battery status. Charging port in the event of transfer from the bottom. I have always found it silly that thought was enough to the bottom again kudos to Plantronics to resolve this issue. If this is correct and more efficient. They changed some things. I love the look and functionality of the 925 cases, but not a big problem.

Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset Review

Only two buttons on the Discovery 975 is a significant benefit and a small button. To change the volume, you must pass all levels to find the volume setting you want. I love the stereo up / down buttons, but I have used it. Button. Useful in controlling all others. Switch benefits are not part of the boom mic, and that may be difficult to type. It’s even harder than the 925 type is a useful button. To have a white light in the blue is not. Like most earphones, including 925. I prefer white because it attracts less attention. A bummer to not only light or glow when the headset, so I would have thought if I left her no.

Plantronics Discovery 925 is the original hearing, which is very popular about 800 or so Amazon users rated 4 of 5 Stars. I am one of those 800 users who prefer a 925, even fewer defects. 975 later increased by only 925. Add more sound and better things up. Esthetic changes welcome but may not be for everyone. Problems in the use of buttons may be too difficult for some users are. If you have a 925, I would recommend. To wait until the damage or loss to be adjusted to 975 if you want to sleep and I like the more recent and drag the mouse to click the one button, and wait with anticipation for a Bluetooth headset to your very. New for delivery