Dolby Surround Sound

Dolby Surround Sound

Do you ever wish you could get more out of your headphones? Do you wish your stereo speakers had surround sound capabilities? With Dolby surround sound products, you can get the surround sound quality you’ve wished for, whether you’re using them for your entertainment system, your computer, or even your cell phone.

To understand why Dolby surround sound products are so popular, it’s important to know how they work. With typical surround sound systems, you have enveloped in sound thanks to a series of speakers placed strategically throughout the room. This allows you to not only hear music, movies, and games from the centre of the action, but it also plays important sounds from certain locations—meaning that an actor hears a bird chirp to their right, you will hear it from your right as well.

Dolby surrounds sound products takes this unusual phenomenon a step further by enabling regular speakers and headphones with the ability to play surround sound. It may seem too good to be true, but it is! It’s all a simple matter of manipulating the ear and the brain into thinking the sounds are farther away than they are.

Dolby Digital - HD Surround Sound Test

In the case of stereo speakers, Dolby surrounds sound technology is indeed able to broadcast surround sound quality from a simple set of speakers in the front of a room. It does this by cleverly working with your surroundings, allowing sound waves to bounce off of walls and ceilings. In some cases, a slight, split second lag is required, while in other situations use different levels of volume to create audio illusions.

What about Dolby surround sound headphones? The effect is similar, except Dolby produces different results by using subtle changes in volume, bass, frequency, and tempo to trick your brain into thinking you are surrounded by layers of sounds while still only listening through a simple set of headphones. The technique is the same when listening to your mp3 player or music inclined cell phone.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Dolby surround sound products are so innovative and attractive. Rather than going out and purchasing an entirely new set of speakers, they allow you to use your favourite stereo systems and headsets. This is especially ideal if you are attached to your gadgets and wish to maintain brand loyalty while still enjoying high-quality surround sound.

How do you find out if your electronics are compatible with Dolby surround sound technology? Contact your manufacturer today and learn whether or not there exists a Dolby chip in your gadgets. This will allow you to transform your television, your stereo, and even your computer into a powerful listening device.

Bose VCS-30 Series II Review

Bose VCS-30 Series II Review

The Bose VCS-30 Series II surround sound system a high-quality machine that is a good deal if its specifications much up for you. Bose is known for its high-quality sound, and this particular model is no exception.

The package includes a centre channel speaker that is just perfect for movies and even Dolby digital HDTV soundtracks. This Bose also comes with surround sound speakers for left rear and right rear. Note that this package is not quite as complete as some of the other options, but you can use a subwoofer to take care of that!

Bose has certainly paid a lot of attention to quality. In this Bose VCS-30 Series II, they have used 2.5-inch tubular drivers. That means that even though this is a quite compact package, you get the quality that sounds like it is coming from much larger and much more expensive speakers!

You most likely won’t have any trouble getting this system to work with your existing equipment either. It’s something that you can add to a 2.1 channel to turn it into a 5.1 channel surround sound system. It can also easily fit on top of your television or shelf.

Behind the scenes, there is automatic protection circuitry. This helps to make your speakers very reliable without you having to do anything to ensure their quality or security.

Bose VCS-30 Series II Value

Bose VCS-30 Series II Value

Note that even though it is very a high-quality home theatre surround sound system, it does not come with as much power or as many features as some on the market. There are some that are lower in price, yet offer more bang for your buck.

At the same time, know that Bose is such a force in the audio world for a reason! They are high quality and know what they’re doing when it comes to amazing, theatre-quality sound. Instead of dealing with a system that may not work as advertised just because it’s more padded with features, you may want to go with this Bose surround sound model.

Reviewers also seem to love the Bose VCS-30 Series II. If you’re on the fence about which entry-level audio surround sound system to go with, then you’ll want to give this Bose model a try.

Onkyo TX-NR609 Top Quality mid-range from Onkyo receivers collection.

Onkyo TX-NR609 Receiver

Four brand new devices will be made available, at the top of the heap will be the 7.2-channel Onkyo TX-NR609 listed with an MRP about $499(£500 UK). The TX-NR609 is the successor to the impressive  TX-SR608 we looked at recently.

The ace up Onkyo’s sleeve on this occasion is to deliver networking capability which was previously limited to its high-end products, on firmly mid-range receivers this year.


  • The NR609 is a THXSelect2 Plus certified home cinema receiver. It can manage content via cabled network or wi-fi to the web, plus offers a connection for your Apple devices and even your PC this year.
  • Networking support allows access to Napster, and of course internet radio.
  • The overlaid GUI is completely redesigned and controllable over HDMI. It features album art for display capability of connected devices and easy access to settings while in use.

Power wise the unit is rated at 160 watts per channel and features a high current power supply, so should be able to dish out a meaty wall of sound. Chunky looking and available in black or silver finish.

Onkyo TX-NR609


The TX-NR609 offers 6 HDMI inputs, one of which can be found on the front of the unit. Furthermore, a specific connection port for Onkyo’s add-on range is provided.

The unit will provide support for 3D videos and ultra-high image resolution upscaling. A further link high point for the receiver is a powered 2nd Zone which supports an additional pair of stereo speakers in a 2nd room.

PC connection is via an analogue RGB input, a significant compatibility plus for PC users wanting to link through their receiver.


The unit offers a wealth of sound processing features; the TX-NR609 facilitates Dolby Pro Logic IIz and a complete set of Audyssey solutions in Audyssey DSX, 2EQ, Dynamic Volume, and Dynamic EQ decoding.

The TX-NR609 offers excellent value for money without compromising the quality the company has become known for. Focusing on the mid-range by balancing the new features within a very reasonable budget, the TX-NR609 seems placed to become one of Onkyo receivers top sellers in 2011.