iPod Speakers

The iPod has considerably revolutionised the way we choose, store and play music. Not since the invention of the blank recording tape have we had the power to create our song list and play only the tunes that we like. The iPod is essentially our very own jukebox, albeit smaller and better sounding. So now that we have what we’ve always wanted what next?

Well, the next logical step is, of course, to share. After all, what good is an iPod loaded with the best tunes if you’re the only one who hears the music? After the earphones come the iPod speakers. But which ones to pick?

How loud can you go?
iPod speakers come in different varieties, most of which are good enough to be integrated into your home audio entertainment system. Crisp, clear and sharp, these speakers provide a seamless addition to your entertainment packages. The next question is, how loud do you want to go?

Consider the kind of use you intend for your iPod speakers. The Logitech MM50, for example, is high enough for a regular-sized room but might have a little trouble with a larger room and a noisier party. However, the sound quality is tops. You might also want to try brands like Bose, Klipsch, JBL, Altec Lansing and Infinity.

When cranking up the volume, listen for problems. The best iPod speakers are those that maintain sound quality even when loud music is played. The Klipsch is, for example, can perform well with the volume turned up.

A measure of control
The iPod can’t read your mind – at least, not yet – so right now, you’ll have to rely on the remote control. iPod speakers often come with one, but there are some drawbacks with a few models. Some of these remote controls can’t access the more advanced features of the iPod, which can be annoying if you’re the type who likes to tweak, skip and press endlessly.

Going wireless
Got the soundtrack of your life on your iPod? You can stream that music to your stereo at home using wireless technology. Logitech Wireless and Belkin TuneStage are two brands you might want to check out.

The look
Yes, people want to know where that sound is coming from and so you’d better pick a pair of iPod speakers that will look great anywhere. Jamo I300 is an iPod dock that has a look and the power as well. If you want a sexy pair of speakers that have a lot of brawn, try Denon S-301.