Dolby Surround Sound

Do you ever wish you could get more out of your headphones? Do you wish your stereo speakers had surround sound capabilities? With Dolby surround sound products, you can get the surround sound quality you’ve wished for, whether you’re using them for your entertainment system, your computer, or even your cell phone.

To understand why Dolby surround sound products are so popular, it’s important to know how they work. With typical surround sound systems, you have enveloped in sound thanks to a series of speakers placed strategically throughout the room. This allows you to not only hear music, movies, and games from the centre of the action, but it also plays important sounds from certain locations—meaning that an actor hears a bird chirp to their right, you will hear it from your right as well.

Dolby surrounds sound products takes this unusual phenomenon a step further by enabling regular speakers and headphones with the ability to play surround sound. It may seem too good to be true, but it is! It’s all a simple matter of manipulating the ear and the brain into thinking the sounds are farther away than they are.

Dolby Digital - HD Surround Sound Test

In the case of stereo speakers, Dolby surrounds sound technology is indeed able to broadcast surround sound quality from a simple set of speakers in the front of a room. It does this by cleverly working with your surroundings, allowing sound waves to bounce off of walls and ceilings. In some cases, a slight, split second lag is required, while in other situations use different levels of volume to create audio illusions.

What about Dolby surround sound headphones? The effect is similar, except Dolby produces different results by using subtle changes in volume, bass, frequency, and tempo to trick your brain into thinking you are surrounded by layers of sounds while still only listening through a simple set of headphones. The technique is the same when listening to your mp3 player or music inclined cell phone.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Dolby surround sound products are so innovative and attractive. Rather than going out and purchasing an entirely new set of speakers, they allow you to use your favourite stereo systems and headsets. This is especially ideal if you are attached to your gadgets and wish to maintain brand loyalty while still enjoying high-quality surround sound.

How do you find out if your electronics are compatible with Dolby surround sound technology? Contact your manufacturer today and learn whether or not there exists a Dolby chip in your gadgets. This will allow you to transform your television, your stereo, and even your computer into a powerful listening device.