Have you ever wondered how motorbike riders keep in touch while they are on the road? Here’s how the best motorcycle helmet bluetooth can make communications easier while on a motorcycle joyride. It’s amazing though how far motorbike technology has become. What used to be a simple helmet design in 1885 is now an aerodynamic, flip front, Bluetooth style, and it indeed has come a long, long way.

What is a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Right Now?

When you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, it isn’t just a great idea to respond to phone calls, especially that you have to hold the phone to your ear. Many riders tend to ignore this. Hence they find themselves in trouble with the law for using their phone while driving. For the most motorcyclist, it is important to keep both hands on the handlebars at the same time. If you had one hand to your ear for too long, the tendency is to lose your balance and fall onto the road. To make or receive a call while riding on your bike, you may want to buy a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Why Opt for a Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth?

This type of helmet has been considered important when riding a motorbike. Some may ask why not a regular model to protect your head that costs a lot cheaper than a motorbike helmet with Bluetooth. This helmet may be expensive, but it offers a lot of helpful features for the wearer. Not only will it connect you to those calling you on your phone, but it makes you listen to music while you ride. It can be an attractive feature, especially that it can be boring and noisy while driving alone on the road. It is also provided with GPS navigation systems in cases if you have to travel to a place unfamiliar to you.

How Does This Motorcycle Helmet Work?

The helmet comes with an integrated Bluetooth system which can adjust with your MP3 player or mobile phone. You can take incoming calls directly through the helmet’s Bluetooth system. You will just have to listen to the speakers and respond using the mic found in the helmet.

Typically, the helmets come with a single button which you can push on the front to take or make a phone call. This feature will protect what a physical phone can do when riding the motorbike.

It also offers more services than what a regular helmet. The GPS navigation over Bluetooth can guide you through your journey wherever you go especially if traveling on a joyride. You can also listen to your favorite tunes with its speakers, which are found on each side of the helmet. If you travel along with fellow riders, it also provides an intercom communication to speak with them easily. This Bluetooth feature allows you to speak up to 500 meters.

Reviews of the Best Motorbike Helmets with Bluetooth

Listed below are some of the first-hand reviews of such helmets so you may know the advantages and disadvantages. Once you have read the reviews, you can decide on which suits you best and will consider making a purchase:

1)    O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet review

This is one of the most popular models ever produced. It removes the need for an external Bluetooth system after buyers find out that the helmet they purchased doesn’t live up to its promises. Here you can easily use all its features from phone calls, GPS navigation and listen to music with just touching a button. The helmet also comes with a ventilation system and drop-down sun visor that suit your preferences.

2)    TORC T27 Helmet

TORC T27 Helmet

The T27 Bluetooth capabilities are the major selling point of the helmet. Buyers show interest in purchasing this helmet as it makes it easy for them to contact and listen to music while on the road. It has an impressive Bluetooth system, which is an envy to many helmet manufacturers. It also uses the Venturi venting technology to avoid the face shield from fogging and overheating of the helmet. It is also compact and lightweight, making it convenient to use for motorbike users.

3)    BiLTTecho


This type of motorcycle helmet is really expensive, which can go as high as $400. However, those who have purchased the helmet say it is worth the price as it provides the convenience as they travel along the road. What makes this BLT model expensive is the integrated DWO Bluetooth system to make and take calls, GPS system, listening to favorite songs and communicate with fellow riders. It saves so much energy once the advanced Bluetooth feature is being used. It’s also considered one of the most durable helmets ever produced. It is considered protection and convenience all in one.

4)    Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner

Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner

If you prefer a breezy motorcycle ride, this half-helmet is perfect for your needs and preferences. The helmet comes with a great design with lots of functions. It has multipoint connectivity which makes you connect not just one but more phones to the headset. It also provides an FM feature with a Bluetooth system to make you save and scan favorite music while joyriding. You can also plug your MP3 device if you prefer selected songs. It has great sound quality speakers that are clear enough even if you go at high speeds.

Finally, your chosen best motorcycle helmet bluetooth will depend on your preference and budget. There are those expensive helmets that are packed with innovative features, which you’ll find convenient. There are also those that exactly fit your needs – phone calls, GPS navigation, listen to music and communicate with fellow motorists. However, to make the helmet with Bluetooth features last longer, you need to take good care of it. Much as your motorbikes need checking and maintenance, do the same with your helmets. They also deteriorate over time and may need replacement after four to five years of continuous usage.