W Monogrammed in Stone - Faceplate

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W Monogrammed in Stone - Faceplate

Item #: F-CCC20

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A W found in downtown San Francisco.


Duplex electric outlet cover, printed domestically on an ABS Faceplate designed for use with the INLET (sold separately). Dimensions are H 5 7/8” x W 5 7/8” x D 3/4”.

The energy-efficient, child safe, DEVICE-CHARGING INLET organizes your kitchen, office, or bathroom. THREE PLUGS + USB charging port plugs into a standard outlet. Add an interchangeable Faceplate for a splash of color, DIY to customize or traditional solid walnut for a timeless look.



"Double U" is the only English letter name with more than one syllable, except for the occasionally used, though somewhat archaic, œ (its name is pronounced similar to ethel), the formerly common in print &, ampersand, and the archaic pronunciation of Z, izzard. The initialism "www" for the World Wide Web thus, perhaps ironically, has three times as many syllables as the full name. Some speakers therefore shorten the name "double u" into "dub" only; for example, University of Wisconsin, University of Washington, University of Wyoming, and University of Western Australia are all known colloquially as "U Dub", and the automobile company Volkswagen, abbreviated "VW", is sometimes pronounced "V-Dub". The fact that many website URLs still require a "www." prefix has likewise given rise to a shortened version of the original, three-syllable pronunciation. W is currently the only English letter whose name is not pronounced with any of the sounds that the letter typically makes. Many others, however, pronounce the "w" as dub-u, reducing it to two syllables. For example, "www" would be six syllables rather than nine, being pronounced, dub-u dub-u dub-u.

Source: Wikipedia

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