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Turn your electrical outlet into a device-charging, energy-saving, socket. Plug the INLET into your electrical outlet and get three plugs plus USB port. Snap on your Delta Delta Delta faceplate!

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  1. Image of electrical outlet, decorative faceplate covers, artistic faceplates for outlets, DYS art

    Design Your Own Faceplate - Bundle

    It's great to have captured that beautiful/suprising/memorable image, but now its imprisoned in your phone or laptop.  How about setting it free and into your home on a scratch-resistant faceplate.  It's easy (and an INLET is included).  Here's how:

    1. Upload your image from your computer/phone by clicking "SELECT FILE" below

    2. Once it's uploaded, click "EDIT IMAGE" then "CROP" to make the image square.  Then hit "APPLY" then "SAVE".  The image has to be square!

    3. Confirm you have rights to the image

    4. Hit the "ADD TO CART" button, then check out, and in about a week you'll be the proud owner of a snazzy new faceplate designed by you.  Nice work!

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  2. INLET By LivingPlug

    INLET By LivingPlug

    The INLET will beautify a living environment, increase child safety, conserve energy and enhance the outlet's overall utility 

    Interchangeable Faceplate System
    3 Tamper Resistant Receptacles 
    High Capacity USB 2.1a 
    UNplug - Master Kill Switch

    Plugs into existing outlets - no installation required. Tech Specs

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