FacePlate of the Week - Home

Every week we select a new Faceplate to feature - each image speaks to a member of the LivingPlug team and we wanted to share our picks and thoughts with you. We hope you enjoy!


 September 14th, 2014


“After years of living in Colorado, I recently revisited Denver and was reminded about
how much I love Aspen trees. This was taken in the fall a month or so before they were
all about to change. I love the white, green and blue colors as well as the depth of field
I was able to capture. This image looks great against a white or lighter colored wall
and brings a spash of nature indoors.” - Charley Curran, co-founder LivingPlug

September 7th, 2014


 Love Bug

"When I visualized my daughter’s room, I wanted to make sure she would be surrounded by love. My favorite? The “Love Sponge” design. It means you just want to soak up as much love as possible."
- Travis Brady, LivingPlug Design Contributor


August 31st, 2014



"Fall is coming so it is time to decorate according to the season. I am so glad I now have my INLET and printed FacePlate to do so!!
- Brooke Shaffer, LivingPlug Customer


August 24th, 2014


 We Can Do It!

"The iconic"we can do it" poster keeps my spirits soaring regarding the progress we have made in the workforce. Thanks for sharing it again LivingPlug!
- Kimberly Wilson, LivingPlug Customer


August 17th, 2014

 Rain on Glass

 Rain on Glass

"I love this faceplate for its simplistic beauty and what it inspires. It is both interesting yet unpretentious, therefore goes with any style or room. How could you not love it!" 
- Lee Hawley, LivingPlug Customer



August 10th, 2014

Trusting Faceplate 


"We are so honored to have Will Day as our featured artist as we have known him for over 20 years.  Will painted us "Trusting" for our wedding present and his passion for each brush stroke conveys a different and unique message that captures us on a daily basis.  Hope you enjoy the Will Day Art collection of faceplates and share in his beautiful talent." 
- Charley Curran, Co-Founder


August 3rd, 2014

Lobster 1904

"One of my favorites - reminds me of growing up in New England, I have one at home on my kitchen INLET."
- Zen St. Clair, Director of Operations 


July 27th, 2014

San Francisco 1846

"San Francisco has been home my entire life - I love the history here."
- Dave Hollister, Digital Advisor


July20th, 2014

Burnt Orange

"Orange Rocks!"
- Nat St. Clair, Social Media 


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