Dell Inspiron 7567 Review

Can you think of a budget gaming laptop that costs less than a $1000? You might think a laptop that falls under the thousand-dollar range will be ugly and downright repugnant.

But some brands can remarkably manage to come up with a budget laptop which can put other, pricier gaming laptops to shame.

If you are unable to research correctly just like what did in order to find whats working and not working with their gaming laptops and you might end up buying a sub-par laptop that cannot run all the latest AAA rated games.

Things to consider before you buy a gaming laptop

  • CPU: Processor speed is utmost important when dealing with gaming programs.
  • GPU: Graphics must be eye candy for gaming. Hence robust GPU is highly recommended.
  • VRAM: This is required to perform GPU more smoothly.
  • Resolution: A good resolution is necessary for better user feeling.
  • Sound: For better gaming performance sound quality should be okay.

Presenting the Product

7567 Gaming LaptopThe Dell Inspiron 7567 is a 15.6-inch budget gaming laptop that is a gaming powerhouse due to its impressive graphics and top of the line specs.

It starts off at $849, but you can get this on the streets for as low as $749, which is an excellent deal for the end consumer.
It can run triple-A titles such as Overwatch with medium to high graphics settings and older games with ultra-high settings and frame rates over 100.

The Inspiron 7567 can handle all the latest games with relative ease, and it’s a fantastic fact due to its affordable price tag.


The key features and benefits of the Inspiron 7567


The Dell Inspiron 7567 comes hot off the press with a brand new Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU and this graphics card delivers some heavy-duty performance. The laptop’s design is modern and comes with hibiscus red and matte black color options. In total there are four different models of the Inspiron 7567, but we would be focusing on the entry-level opportunity in this review.

RAM and Processor

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming 7567The 8 gigabytes of RAM and the Intel Core i5 processor will provide some serious horsepower and let you perform other mundane tasks such as browsing and streaming with ease. Office applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint will run without a glitch, and you can use this laptop for both works and play due to its excellent hardware specifications.

Battery Life:

The battery life of the Inspiron 7567 is pretty good. The 72 Wh battery life of this laptop will let you comfortably enjoy 5 hours of continuous gaming and streaming, after which your laptop will finally die. This is a very decent amount of battery life for a gaming laptop.


Dell InspironThe audio experience of this laptop is also decent, although the maximum loudness of this laptop is not that much. The laptop offers upright bass, and excellent treble so you can use this laptop to listen to some casual music as well.


The I/O of this laptop is also perfect as it comes stacked with 3 USB 3.0 ports, offering very fast file transfer speeds. This laptop also comes with a standard HDMI port for fast connectivity to other external monitors.

Keyboard and Display:

The keyboard is LED backlit on the Inspiron 7567, so it is easier to see and type on the keyboard under low light conditions. The Full HD screen on this laptop will also let you watch high definition videos on this laptop

7567 review
Social Proofs

I decided to purchase this laptop after countless hours of research and long deliberation. The particular thing I noticed was that whenever I checked out user reviews for this laptop, I mostly noticed very positive reviews which meant that this laptop was received well by the consumers.

When I reached the storefront, I noticed prospective buyers get excited about the incredible specs of this laptop and its affordable price tag.

Once I started testing this device, I was only amazed at the power of this laptop and how flawless the machine was.


An alternative to the Inspiron 7567 could be the Acer VX15. It has similar specifications, but the good thing about this laptop is that it comes with the Nvidia GTX 1050Ti, which is more powerful than the GTX 1050. It’s also less expensive than the Inspiron 7567, starting at $800.

Shortcomings of the Inspiron 7567

The display underperforms in this laptop. It is dim, lacks true colors and even with the full brightness settings you still won’t be able to get the display to optimum brightness. The field of view is very narrow on this laptop, and if you move away slightly from the screen, you will notice that the screen becomes very hard to see.

Dell Inspiron 7567 best featuresAnother area where these budget laptops cut corners is in the trackpad department. The trackpad of the Inspiron 7567 is annoying to use. More often than not you will see the trackpad register false touches and is not accurate.

The storage option of the Inspiron 7567 is also lacking, coming with a small 256 GB of hard disk space. As most of the modern games require large storage nowadays, the 256GB option isn’t optimal for gamers.


The main selling point of this laptop is its affordable price tag. This is indeed what you call value for your money kind of laptop. It ticks most of the boxes for a good laptop, albeit some minor shortcomings which it had to sacrifice to bring down the price range. It handles all the daily tasks well and delivers respectable gaming performance. Here is a rundown of what to expect on this laptop:
• The Inspiron 7567 is very well designed and pleasing to the eye. Some might say it is a bit bulky, but it gives off a very premium look, and many will think it is an expensive laptop due to its design.
• It runs all the AAA title games under medium to high settings, which is a remarkable achievement for its price tag.