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LivingPlug is actively partnering with artsts and designers whose work is aligned with the vision of enhancing peoples living environments.


Clara Berta

Clara Berta Hero”My car broke down and I found a torn tire next to the freeway. Now, it’s a piece of art. You can create from nothing and then make something out of it. That’s what makes it beautiful.”



Link to Clara's Artist Page 


Travis Brady Baby

Travis Brady Hero"When I visualized my daughter’s room, I wanted to make sure she would be surrounded by love. What better way than to bring my husband’s pet names for me to life? Working with graphic designer, Loretta Robinson, Travis Brady Baby! was born. My favorite? The “Love Sponge” design. It means you just want to soak up as much love as possible."


Link to Travis Brady Baby 


Will Day Art

Will Day Hero”I approach painting with absolutely no restrictions or rules. This freedom creates a clear sense of diversity within each piece. Over the years my techniques have expanded and changed based on my relationship with textures, tools, and most importantly color. My unique process is an interplay of the paint merging on the surface of the canvas, allowing the materials to dictate the mood of the piece. My work uses energy and emotion to create a 'color reaction'."


Link to Will's Artist Page 


Jennifer Goyette

Jennifer Goyette Hero“I rarely ever know what the subject will be until I stumble upon it. Whether it’s a hike, walking around a city or just hanging out insomeone’s backyard, a texture or vibrant color will draw my eye and I zoom in to capture the intricate details. Discovering overlooked beauty brings me great joy and forces me to slow down and relax so I don’t miss these hidden gems.”


 Link to Jennifer's  Artist Page 

Regine Legler

Regine Legler Profile Picture"I paint what touches me most. Something in my life or in the world around me that moves me deeply. It may be joy, like the extraordinary bond between mother and child or it may be the sadness and pain of growing up in a time of war like I did. Just painting what I feel brings me more in touch with who I am, my emotions, and helps me process what I might not otherwise understand or memories and thoughts I might not be able to let go of any other way."

 Link to Regine's Artist Page 


Seymour Leichman

Seymour Leichman Hero"I have spent my life as a city dweller. I have sketched people on subways, buses crowded streets and in quiet parks. I love the calm and quiet in the midst of the hustle–bustle of the city. No one bothers me. City people have always been discreet, extending privacy to those who want it. Perfect if you want to study trees and how they grow."

Link to Seymour's Artist Page 


Krista Marlene

Krista Marlene Hero“By referencing romanticism and symbolism, I try to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subject associations and formal parallels. These incite the viewer to make new personal associations.”

 Link to Krista's Artist Page 


Ali Spagnola Art

Ali Spagnola HeroAli Spagnola has been involved with the Free Painging project for the past seven years. She takes requests for paitings online and paints a painting a day for someone who has emailed her with an idea. She sends the original work to the fan who requested it and posts the images online - her waitlist is now is now approximately 1,500 requests long. So far, Ali has completed over 2,000 paintings for the project and still continues to paint. Her work is characterized by bright, pop art, acrylic paintings.

 Link to Ali's Artist Page 


Patrice Springer

Patrice Springer HeroMy paintings are inspired by the rich colors and textures of the Southwest. I use acrylic on canvas and board. I like to put down color as I see it, even if I don’t mix or blend it. I love to watch the shapes build into something brand new.”


Link to Patrice's Artist Page 


Mark Ulriksen

Mark Ulriksen Hero“I've always felt that life is too precious to take too seriously. I appreciate moments in life and make them my subjects. I concentrate on my enthusiasms; sports, music, cities, animals, people. I also find it cathartic to convey my dismay at how we humans can treat each other. Dogs are about the nicest living things here on Earth and painting them is a total joy.” 

 Link to Mark's Artist Page 


Laurie Warren

Laurie Warren Hero“When deciding on a subject to paint, I try to look, not only at the subject itself, but the beauty (sometimes hidden) in the colors, shadows and perception of the object. I love to use lots of color in my paintings. I feel that color speaks to people, catches their eye and can draw them into a particular piece. I try not only to capture the form of the subject, but also the feel of its surroundings and it's inner nature.” 

 Link to Laurie's Artist Page 


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