Vision / Philosophy:

LivingPlug is redefining the electrical outlet. We are not only redeveloping its staid appearance, but also adding functionality and smarts (coming soon). We are getting ready to launch our first product, the INLET along with an integrated faceplate system. Our vision is to bring life to the outlet – our product roadmap includes a myriad of smart applications.



We decided to focus on this century old technology because we are frustrated that society takes for granted something so central to everyone’s lives, not only in the outlet’s singular use, but also in its complete lack of aesthetic. It became very apparent that most attempts to improve on the outlet resemble the powerstrip and are sold in a hardware aisle, inversely there are a few beautifully designed solutions that are largely inaccessible due to a hefty price and a challenging installation.

In developing LivingPlug, we have deconstructed the outlet and have mapped a new solution that will enhance aesthetics, improve child safety, assist energy conservation and add to the human experience through greater utility.

We have been thinking about the issues around the outlet since 2009 and have been working on this full time for almost a year.

We are working with a factory to prototype, tool and manufacture the INLET. After three prototypes from the factory (and at least a half dozen made over the kitchen table), we have our final prototype and have made a deposit on tooling. Our faceplates will be fabricated in a mill located in Forest Lake, Minnesota and we have partnered with a printer for custom faceplates in Sacramento, California.

Issues we are addressing:

Before we connect to WiFi, login, tweet, share, like or post, we plug in. We plug into a hardware interface that is ugly, unsafe, wasteful and antiquated.

The average home in the United States has 75 outlets whose placement (for the most part) are dictated by building codes. The basic form function of the duplex outlet has gone unchanged for 100 years and this compounds some significant issues that we all experience on a day to day basis:


Approximately 2,400 children receive emergency room treatment every year for injuries caused by inserting objects into electrical outlets.


Outlets are architects and designer’s nemesis, they are routinely  cropped or photoshopped out of home décor magazine photo spreads and furniture catalogs.


10% or more of a home energy bill is wasted due to phantom or vampire charges, appliances that are plugged in, but not in use.


For over 100 years the outlet has served one purpose – delivery of electricity. There are 75 outlets in the average US household, with one purpose…