What is the INLET? Our inaugural product will beautify the living environment, increase child safety, conserve energy and enhance the outlet’s overall utility. The INLET will serve as a platform for new technology and introduce a different way for people to interact with their electrical outlet.


The INLET will enhance the utility of the standard duplex outlet by including a high capacity 2.1a USB charger and replacing two standard outlets with three tamper resistant outlets. The three tamper resistant outlets will improve child safety by creating a lock that will prevent electrical connectivity if a metal object (paperclip, scissors etc.) penetrates only one of the receptacles, electricity will only flow if the outlet is used properly. Adding to the child safety benefits is an optional anchor screw that allows parents to secure the INLET directly to a standard outlet, thus preventing a child from accessing the non-tamper resistant outlets on the wall. Placed next to the USB on the top of the INLET is the UNPlug Button, which empowers users to stop energy loss from, devices that are plugged in but not in use.


The quarter inch reveal along the base of the INLET allows the unit to run flush with a wall, covering the duplex outlet completely. This striking change in appearance is further exemplified by the front design which represents the deconstruction and rethinking of the way the evolution of the outlet should look in 2013 not 1913 – this is the story of LivingPlug.